What To Do When Your AC Unit Starts Spitting Water?

What To Do When Your AC Unit Starts Spitting Water?

HVAC systems take in both the warm and humid air and cool and dehumidify it before pumping out breathable air into your home or office. It’s not uncommon for water condensation to fall from the pipes connected to an HVAC system. This is an everyday occurrence when the humidity in your area is high.

If your AC unit also happens to have built-in drain pans, it’s even more likely for water to find its way out of the vent and onto the floor. But, an AC repair expert can fix your AC spitting water. Here’s how:

Step 1: Assess the Damage
When water comes out of your vents, there’s a good chance that there is mold build-up on your insulation and walls. That means it’s time to schedule an AC service appointment right away.
Until then, cover up any exposed insulation or drywall with plastic sheeting. If there’s any chance of exposure to humans, wear gloves when handling the materials.

Step 2: Clean Up the Water
A thorough cleaning of your AC system is in order. You can do it yourself or hire a professional for this important step. Regardless, you need to make sure all the water gets out and dehumidify your home simultaneously. Here’s an overview of how to clean up any mess:
If you’ve got a drain pan, use a siphon pump to get the water out. Place an old towel or cloth in the bottom of the pan to make it easier on yourself.
Use a shop vacuum to clean up any standing water and remove any debris from your AC unit’s fan blades.
Freshen up the interior of your AC unit by wiping down any exposed metal with a wet cloth.
Keep windows closed for at least 24 hours to help your system dry out. You can run it on fan mode, though, if you have an outdoor temperature that’s lower than 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 3: Fix Your AC
If water is coming out of your AC’s drain system, it means that either the rubber hose connected to the pan is damaged or blocked. Either way, you’re in for a whole lot of AC repairs and an extended period of discomfort in your home. Don’t wait: Call a professional AC repair company right away.

Step 4: Prevent Future Build-Up
Fix whatever design flaws caused your AC system to spit water in the first place, so it doesn’t happen again. This could include adding a pan under the unit to catch water or repositioning the drain hose so that it’s allowed to drip freely. If you can’t find an easy solution, it’s time to call in a professional technician who can help out.

Call All County Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Heating When Your AC Spits Water
You don’t have to deal with AC spitting water on your own, not when professional AC repair technicians are available for help 24/7. Call All County Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Heating at 954-297-9754 when you notice the problem, and we’ll get you back to a normal temperature in no time.

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