Pay Attention to HVAC Strange Noises

Pay Attention to HVAC Strange Noises

When noticing HVAC strange noises come from your air conditioner can indicate a potentially serious problem with the system. Let’s look at the most common sources and how your AC repair technician could help.

Whistling Air Flow Sounds

If your air conditioner pulls in more air than it can expel, it can cause a whistle-like noise. This may mean that your air filter needs to be replaced or that the fan itself has gone bad and requires professional service.

Clicking and Ticking Noises

Clicking, popping, and other similar noises may mean that the compressor is struggling to keep up with the demand for cool air and an increase in humidity. These sounds can also be a sign of severe damage to the device itself.

A Rattling or Grinding Noise

This is a sign that the motor may be failing. The compressor may also be to blame, and it can damage other crucial components if not quickly repaired. If you hear this noise, don’t hesitate to call an AC repair service company to look at your unit for you.

Scraping and Grinding Sounds

Scraping and grinding sounds from an AC unit indicate loose debris around the vents, otherwise known as dirt deafening. The build-up of sand and other small particles creates a grinding noise when the fan blades spin against it.

Make sure to call a professional if you experience this problem, as it can lead to more serious issues with your system.

Humming or Whining Sounds

A high-pitched hum is typically due to improper belt tension, which means the pulley and motor need to be tightened. Whining sounds caused by a loose belt can be just as problematic and should also be dealt with immediately by a professional technician.

Noises Coming from the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit of your air conditioner is responsible for powering your fan, compressor, and cooling coils so it can keep your home cool. It may contain several moving parts, but they shouldn’t be causing any noise unless there’s an issue with the system itself. Noisy or shaking components may lead to corrosion or loose bolts, in which case you should call in an AC repair company.

HVAC Strange Noises

Clanking, clunking, or squeaking noises indicate that something is loose within the system, such as ductwork. This also means that there is damage to the system, which will require professional service.
Unusual vibrations in your AC unit can also be caused by loose parts or ductwork, so don’t neglect these sounds–they’re not worth the potential cost of replacing a damaged unit.

All County Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Heating Help You with AC Repair

If you experience any of the above symptoms, don’t hesitate to call All County Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Heating for help. The availability is 24/7 to provide emergency AC service and peace of mind to the client when something goes wrong with their units. We’ll thoroughly inspect your system so that it’s properly maintained. Contact us at 954-297-9754 if you notice strange noises coming from your AC unit. We’re here to help!

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