Pioneers in Providing Professional AC Repair in South Florida

Pioneers in Providing Professional AC Repair in South Florida

Pioneers in Providing Professional AC Repair in South Florida

Summer is over but not for South Florida. AC units will be needed more than ever in households and commercial buildings during the entire year as temperatures still high for the majority of time. Before they start running at their full potential, now is the time to get the proper service for the systems. During the hot summer season, the AC systems that were not serviced may malfunction unexpectedly. Spending days of extremely high temperatures can be unbearable. But, with professional services like All County Air Conditioning Repair, Floridians can get their units inspected, serviced and maintained periodically.

All County Air Conditioning has been providing its professional service of home AC repair for over 40 years. This practical experience of several years in the industry has made them the company to trust. Their knowledge has enabled them to diagnose and repair some of the most challenging and complex AC units successfully. The best part is that All County Air Conditioning Repair has factory trained crew members specialized in all types of brands allowing them to provide more households with the optimal air conditioning solutions.

All of the technicians of All County Air Conditioning are leading professionals with NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification among other credentials. This means they can solve any HVAC problem with quick turnaround time, so people don’t have to face long waiting times until their unit is functioning correctly.

Their whole working philosophy revolves around helping their customers get the best value and extension of the lifespan of the unit, with a FLAT RATE pricing allowing clients to get the best service at the best pricing.

“We just want what’s best for our customers, lowest prices, quick turnaround time and a solution for every need is what we are experts in providing.”

-Joe Sposa (CEO)

About All County Air Conditioning

All County Air Conditioning is a professional air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating repair and servicing company that has been providing it’s professional services in Florida for 40 years. They diagnose problems accurately and repair them immediately. Their top class NATE – Certified technicians go above and beyond to ensure high-quality service at very affordable rates.

Call us today at 965- 297-9754 for further assistance!

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