Contact an AC Specialist When These Home AC Unit Signs Arise

Contact an AC Specialist When These Home AC Unit Signs Arise

The condenser unit outside your home is responsible for discharging heat away from the coolant circulating throughout the system. If this part of the AC system gets blocked or dirty, then less heat can be removed, and it will cause problems in cooling down your house.

Here are the most common issues that require immediate home AC condenser repair.

Coolant Leakage

Most systems rely on refrigerants as their primary cooling source. Some leaks can be fixed by recharging the unit with more coolant, but you will need to replace it entirely if that doesn’t work. One telltale sign of leakage is if you see dampness or water around the base of the AC system. This can also mean corrosion, mold, or mildew formation. In addition, the coolant may have a rotten egg smell, which indicates sulfide accumulation within the unit.

Impeller Blocking

Any object can block the fan, ensuring that the blades have a clear path. If the blades are damaged, call an AC repair specialist. This problem can result in a reduction in airflow and cooling performance. The unit will also make a loud squealing noise as a sign of distress from not spinning the blades.

Power Issues

AC units are powered by electricity, so the power supply must be reliable and consistent. If the unit gives off a burning smell, there could be an issue with the main supply line into the house.

Drainage Issues

The condenser unit should be elevated off the ground, and it should also have a drainage point to channel water away from the unit. If this gets blocked or redirected, there is likely an issue with the drainage pipeline and debris build-up.

Clogging Due to Debris and Dirt

The condensing unit can get clogged by dust, leaves, and even small animals. This mechanical part needs to be kept clear of blockages that will hinder the cooling process and raise indoor temperatures. Also, you need to regularly clean out the indoor coil and check for any signs of animal nesting or nesting materials. Call experts for a complete home AC condenser repair to keep your unit running in top-notch condition.

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