HVAC Tune-Up service From Air Conditioning Broward

HVAC Tune-Up service From Air Conditioning Broward

Commercial HVAC units help regulate the temperature in offices, banks, schools, retails stores, hospitals, etc. Since these systems cater to many people, it is vital to perform regular inspections and commercial air conditioning repairs.

For instance, you should schedule a check-up at least every six months to ensure that your air conditioner functions effectively and lasts long. Also, monthly air filter cleaning or replacement is recommended.

Every spring and fall, you can evaluate the condition of your unit to prepare it for extreme seasons. If you have a worn-out, older AC unit, it’s best to service it more frequently or replace it with a new system if needed.

When do you need commercial air conditioning repair?

Cooling inefficiency

When the air conditioner takes a while to bring the temperature down, there is something wrong with the unit. Most individuals can identify when an AC produces feeble or warm air. A refrigerant leak, damaged fan motor, or thermostat failure usually causes these issues.

Unpleasant odor from vents

There are many reasons why your air conditioner releases odd smells. A foul smell can indicate debris or mold collected in the air filter or AC components. If there is a burnt or chemical smell, it can suggest a short circuit or melted wire. A gas leak is usually identified with a rotten or sulfurous smell. Learning to determine these odors and causes can help get the right fix in time.

Increased energy expenses

When the utility bills are unusually high, a faulty air conditioning unit is a clear indication. If any of the AC components function improperly, it causes a strain and overloads the system. As the unit consumes more energy to provide cool air, the energy bills spike correspondingly.

Poor air quality

A problem with the vents can adversely affect the air quality. The air filtration is inadequate and impure air is recirculated in the same vicinity. You’ll notice an increase in the number of occupants calling in sick due to respiratory issues or allergies.

Peculiar sounds from the unit

Most air conditioners produce moderate sounds similar to a fan or engine while running. Only when the AC generates unusual sounds like buzzing, rattling, clanking, and gurgling requires some investigation. These noises can disrupt the work of employees and customers. But more importantly, they are signs that the AC needs a repair job.

Increased humidity levels

Excessive amounts of moisture in the air are signs of the air conditioning system not performing efficiently. Generally, an AC dehumidifies the air and balances the moisture content. If there is too much water, it can rust the components and also form mold.

If you notice any of the above signs, it’s time to consult a commercial air conditioning repair expert. All County Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating Company are NATE-Certified (North American Technician Excellence) in air conditioning, heat pump, and air distribution, receiving ongoing education from equipment manufacturers. Call today for appointments at 954-297-9754


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