Don’t Delay an AC Tune-up and Repair

Don’t Delay an AC Tune-up and Repair

Although most homeowners don’t realize it, their air conditioning systems require regular tune-ups and repairs to maintain optimum aeration and cooling. Many signs indicate an AC tune-up and repair is in order, so if any of the following problems present themselves, don’t delay calling a professional.

If your unit is old or appears to have any of the following problems, it’s probably time for a tune-up:

High Energy Bills

Energy bills that are vastly higher than normal could mean your unit isn’t properly cycling the refrigerant. In addition, a dirty filter may be restricting airflow through your air conditioning vents and ducts. Dirty coils also restrict airflow, but they can be quickly cleaned during a tune-up service call.

During a tune-up, the professionals will check all of the components in your AC system to make sure everything is running efficiently.


If your cooling system is consistently leaking, this could be a sign that there’s damage or bad wiring somewhere else in your home, which can lead to more leaks. You shouldn’t put off an AC tune-up if your cooling system is leaking because the problem could become worse and harder to fix.

Dark Spots

The cooling coil should have been used when your air conditioner was installed. If you see dark spots along this area, your unit loses energy efficiency and needs to be cleaned. A dirty cooling block can also cause damage to other parts of your system, so get an AC tune-up before these problems worsen.

Strange and Loud Noises

A consistent or loud banging sound coming from your AC or ducts shows that something might be wrong with the refrigeration system. If this happens, call for emergency AC repair immediately because it can lead to more mold, bacteria growth, and even carbon monoxide poisoning.

Poor Cooling

If your unit isn’t cooling as well as it used to, there’s something wrong with your AC. A technician will inspect the refrigerant levels to ensure your unit is operating safely and efficiently.

Humidity in the House

If your unit doesn’t produce as much cool air as it usually does, this might be a sign that there’s too much humidity in the house. If you notice excessive moisture or dampness on your windows and walls, this could be caused by dirty coils or overworked ACs. You should call for an AC tune-up right away to prevent mold from forming inside the home.

All County Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Heating for Immediate AC Tune-up and Repair

Don’t put off getting your unit fixed or replaced. You could end up with higher energy bills and repairs. When you notice any AC problems listed above, don’t delay, and call All County Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Heating. We provide AC tune-ups and repairs for homes throughout South Florida to keep you cool and comfortable. Call us today at 954-297-9754 to schedule a cooling and heating professional appointment.

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