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The Basics About Air Conditioning Repair

The Basics About Air Conditioning Repair 

You want to do it yourself? Air conditioning repair is not so easy, but here are some home tips.

The air conditioners can make great efforts if they are not properly ventilated. When your air conditioner is not working properly, you probably want to consider checking a few things before calling a technician. Even if you cannot solve the problem by yourself, if you can recognize what happens, you can send a technician directly to the correct solution, possibly saving time and money. However, in many cases, the problem presented is basic and your technician could reveal to you that the air conditioning repair was quite easy.


  1. Make sure the power cord is plugged in and check to see if the switch has been disconnected. Flip the switch and then turn it back on if it is activated. Check if the unit operates. If the circuit breaker is activated and continues to skip, you will need to call a professional to make an air conditioning repair and determine what is happening.
  2. Clean the external drive. Rub the grill slats with a soft brush, soap and water to remove dirt, dust, pollen and other debris that may be obstructing. Trim all bushes away from the unit to help air circulation around it. Check the return and ventilation air inside. Make sure all openings are open and replace the return air filter if you have not recently replaced. Poor circulation can cause the system to freeze and needing an air conditioning repair.
  3. Check all system air ducts. With the unit running, try to feel the movement of the air in the ducts. If you feel a breeze, you have a leak in the ductwork. Surrounds that area with tape, beginning several inches on one side and working on it less while you are reaching to the other side.
  4. Feel the temperature of the air coming out of your unit. If it is cold, then the repair air circulation and the ductwork was all that was needed. If the air is not cold, you may have a problem with freon and you need to recharge the system.
  5. Call a certified technician to an air conditioning repair for installing the freon.
  6. Unscrew the panel on the outside of the unit. Check that all valves in the charge gauge to make sure they are closed.
  7. Connect the blue tube to tube load freon in the system. Freon tube is the longer of the two that are there. There should be a valve so you can connect. Adjust the yellow tube freon bottle.
  8. Open the valve of the system, then the valve of the meter to the blue tube. Then open the valve on the yellow and freon. Look at the meter. Close all valves when the pressure reaches 70 psi. Remove all tubes and close the panel. Is this to hard for you? Well, then call for an air conditioning repair.

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